20 May 2010

    Kursus Pengurusan Jenazah 2010

    Firman Allah dalam Surah Ali-Imran (3:185):

    ...كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَائِقَةُ الْمَوْتِ

    ".. sesungguhnya, setiap yang hidup itu pasti akan merasa kematian.."

    Ah yes.. spt yg aku ade kate sblm ni.. (ye ke?.) yg aku nak update (sikit2) program2 sepanjang sem lepas.. bukan ape.. internet kat umah ni tgh laju.. pastu xde bende sgt nak buat...why not seize the chance lah.. ! hehe.. so.. kursus sehari ni diadakan pd 20 februari lalu.. dan seigt aku kali terakhir pd tahun 2008 dulu.. tu rasenye first time kot.. dan alhamdulillah.. dapat jugak buat lg kursus ni..

    08 May 2010


    A few days ago, I downloaded this one particular movie, entitled "Daisy". Its a Korean movie. The "hero and heroine" is, well, I'm not usually sure when it comes to Korean actor's or actress's name, ape name pelakonnye.. biasenye.. bile tgk cite tu.. kadang tu cam la muke orang nye.. "ni macam pernah tgk dlm cite..." so.. just nak sharing2 la pade yg minat "die-hard" cite2 korea ni.. klu lum tgk.. cari2 la download.. tak pun pi kedai video beli CD.. itupun kalau jumpa lah...

    It is a story about a women who is an artist (the one that can draw people's portraits) and a hit-man. This particular hit-man at a particular time sends a bouquet of daisies at this woman's shop. But, the latter is that she doesn't know who its from. One day, came an agent working as Interpol to investigate the crimes committed by the hit-man, only to find who the killer is. He too, made acquittance with the woman and slowly, the woman develops feelings for him. From a far, the hit-man would watch the woman. One day, there was a shooting involved and she got hurt. She lost her voice and cannot speak again. Towards the end of the story, the hit-man slowly approaches and try to get to know her. The hit-man's life was getting more in danger when he found out that Interpol agent is chasing him. In the end, the woman was shot by another hit-man who intends to kill THE hit-man, the one's been sending the daisies. It's quite a touching story really, how a life is trapped by things that is difficult to run away from. Its quite a matter of life or death.

    07 May 2010

    Lucky Number 7

    Ever believe that certain numbers can bring you luck, or otherwise? Not to brag about it so much, and not to say that I do believe in such a thing, but some people do. In certain 'extreme' cases, well, you know lah, some people believe these certain numbers can bring you good luck (when it comes to gambling lah). Some other people though, when came across these certain numbers, its just a mere coincidence for them. "Alah, nombor je pun, kebetulan je tu.." Probably for them, it is right. Nothing to do with anything. But, to some people, numbers reminds them of something special, something unique or something dear to them. It reminds them of a special date, a special event, anything that is associated with a specific number. Well, some you could say, like wedding anniversaries, the first date, your first son's or daughter's birth day, you parents birthday, the day you went to school, the day you graduated, anything. Each of us has special days or dates to remember, in which, in fact it's related to numbers, right?. Nonetheless, for me, for number 7, well you could say a bit special to me. Well, not all of it. I think of it as just a number, and to such extent, as part of statistics. One of it though, to name a few, it's my birth-date. The year in which I was born has number 7 in it. The first time I started blogging was on the year that has 7 in it. Anyways, today, its the 7th of May. What is so special about today? Well, for a start its not my birth-day. Neither someone's birthday that I know of. But, to me, this would probably is the last day and I'm hoping that, only if I could see it for the last time...
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