20 November 2010

    Life Without Rain [Part 4]

    What can you gain from your investment? Sure enough, investments are long-term, probably years to get back you invested. What you put is what you gain. Or is it? To wait for those years can be painstaking. Patience is what is needed. Perseverance and high motivation is the element. But, what if those efforts that you put in, doesn't come out like what you wanted it supposed to be, or hoped for? Frustrated, depressed, hatred comes in the way. Intense. You feel like the world came tumbling down on you. Sure enough, the price of success is highly overrated. So much sacrifices needed. Lack of sleep is one of the factor. Sometimes you abandoned your health. Starve. Keep your money just for one day, hoping that it can be used the next day. You make friends, coming from all sorts of background. The rich, the poor, the beautiful and the elegant. Hoping that they will climb the ladder to success with you along the way. When you are at the finishing line, you are happy, joyful. Everything has came to an end. But, in fact, its only the start of another beginning. The end of a new beginning, some would say it. Its not an easy path to get there. From A to B. There are obstacles that you have to endure. Be it hard or easy. You have to face it. Plan is the magic word. Fail to plan is planning to fail. Ever heard of that before?

    "Aren't you coming? Our friends will be there." With a nod, an instant reply,"No".

    But why?

    "I have my reasons and by the way, if I did come for them, would they did the same for me?".

    15 November 2010

    Best In Me

    Vettel: The Formula 1 2010 Champion

    Sebastian Vettel has been crowned the 2010 Formula 1 World Champion after driving a remarkable race at the Abu Dhabi GP. Today’s achievement adds to Red Bull’s 2010 constructor’s title which the team bagged last week in Brazil. The youngest ever World Champion from Germany was the first driver to cross the finish line after starting from pole. His top rival, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso who could have become champion if he finished in fourth place only managed seventh and lost the title by four points.

    The double World Champion spent a lot of time behind Renault’s Vitaly Petrov and failed to overtake the Russian rookie and that pretty much took his championship chances away. Red Bull’s Mark Webber who was also a strong contender for the championship suffered from the same fate and spent the entire duration of the 55-lap race behind Alonso.

    Vettel’s first place finish was accompanied by McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton who was closing the gap between himself and Vettel during the final few laps. Third place went to Hamilton’s teammate Jenson Button, champion of 2009. This meant that the podium of the 2010 Abu Dhabi GP at the Yas Marina circuit was made up by the 2008 champion (Hamilton), 2009 champion and of course of the freshly-crowned 2010 champion.


    06 November 2010

    JOM! Ceria Bersama Dia

    Wah..wah..wah.. terase dah bersawang blog aku nih.. tak update ape2 cite.. manakan tidaknye.. bz sgt.. (bz le sgt..).. anyways.. last week (29-31 nov).. ade program TAMRIN. wat kat sg. congkak... for those yg tau ape itu tamrin.. no need to explain lah.. of course.. u all know aleady.. tp.. bagi sape2 yg tak tau.. basically lah.. sebut je klu program tamrin nih.. biasenyelah.. program tu akan ade pengisian lah.. di samping tuh.. ade elemen2 kepimpinan yg diuji/diterapkan kpd para peserta.. and so on lah..

    So.. program ni berlangsung dr malam jumaat.. and then balik ari ahad ptg gitu.. standard duration program2 sebegini lah.. klu ikutkan malas nak cerite.. nti klu cite.. dari A ke Z.. berjela2 nak cite.. *huuaaarrgh*.. (ngantuk lak..).. anyways.. aku upload jela beberape gamba.. klu sape2 yg pi.. nak gambanye.. insyaAllah nti aku upload kat picasa.. hehe.. (^_^)..

    03 November 2010

    Hey!... Hey!... Hey!...

    **I found this very-very-very-very interesting stuff on youtube.. just thought of sharing with you all lah... heheh.. (^_^)...**

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