29 June 2009

    Life Without Rain [Part 1]

    The sky is black. It was all quiet that night as far as I can remember. There were not much to do. "Should I or should I not?", I ask myself. Everything was fine back then. We had nothing much in common, except a few. Gosh, if only I had seen it coming. Quite frankly, I shouldn't have been involved in any of this. In life, you could have so many turns and paths and that you had already planned and had chosen which path to choose. But, along the way, some things doesn't turn out the way you had wanted. You either regret or keep on moving along, pretending and trying your best. Unfortunately, sometimes by doing so, even if you had taken those unexpected paths along the way, it may or may not be either good for you or otherwise.

    "Hai", as I smiled, literally. To greet with a simple gesture of common courtesy of one human being to another. A smile can make someone happy and with a smile can also portrays a thousand meaning. "How are you? Its getting quite late, why haven't you sleep yet?", I asked. "Erm, I'm quite used to going to bed late," she replied. "Is there anything that you want to ask?" "Oh, I'm sorry if I disturb you or anything. Do you mind if we can discuss about the work? That's if you're free right now. Or else we can discuss it later if you want".

    "It's fine by me, we can discuss it now. I haven't had anything to do right now. So, how do you want it planned for this year?". I had previously planned what I wanted to do. Only that I should have discuss with her if she would agree on the things that we will be doing together. We had our shares and thoughts as we go along. What is what and which is which. I can't really see that lies ahead of me. But I surely do hope for the best.

    Time passes by. By my watch it's already really late. "So, I guessed that we'll be discussing later, since that it's already quite late. I'll update to you later alright?. Goodnight." We ended our conversation. I turned-off my computer and went to bed. Another day, another drama. That of course, the beginning of it.

    27 June 2009

    Khatimah Cinta

    12 June 2009

    One Malaysia

    .. [Photo by Henry Liew Su Loong, which made him the 1st place in the photo contest.] ..

    This morning, I woke up early around 5.45 in the morning, just so to accompany ayah to send my grandma to KLIA. I was told that her flight was 9 o'clock and if i'm not mistaken, she was on her way to Brunei. Nevertheless, after that, we drove back to Kajang and ayah told me to go to the post office at Bandar Kajang. We reached there around 8, which is still early bytheway, and the post office had not opened yet. So, we went to a nearby restaurant for breakfast.

    "Minum apa?" the waiter asked. It's like a common thing if you go to any restaurants, be it melayu or mamak, the first thing the waiter would ask is what to drink and then ask what to eat. Anyhows, whilst I was sitting watching TV [I don't know what movie, but Nicole Kidman was in it..(^_^)] and ayah was reading the newspaper, along came a Malay guy - mid-20's I think, wearing a whirt-collared shirt, with some bright-greened stripes on the shoulder, some sort of a logo, which is small on the left chest if i'm not mistaken, probably wearing company's shirt where he worked - sitting nor very far from our table. "Kopi panas satu!" he said to the waiter. Well, I think that's what I heard.

    Not long after that, came a chinese man - usually we call apek lah - in his 50's I think, wearing the same shirt like that malay guy, probably his boss, came to sit with him. And then they started talking - "camne keje?, tak nampak Man pun semalam? dia cuti ke" - something like that. The usual, making light conversations. I could hear some laughter among them. After a while, the malay's guy drink came. It's black - kopi panas. I was right [hehe].

    I ate roti canai and teh tarik, which ayah had the same also. When we finish ate, just before we were about to leave, another man came to their table, the malay guy and the chinese man that I mentioned before. He too wore the same kind of shirt, probably an employee and you could guess they worked under one roof. I can see that he is a bit dark, and I guessed that he is an Indian, judging from his looks, in his 40's I guessed. Out of the blue, I said to myself, this is what Malaysia is - the unity among Malays, Chinese and Indians.

    Recently, our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib lauch the slogan so called 'One Malaysia' which calls for all Malaysian to unite together as one. Not that I have any intentions to be 'political' at some sort, but this is what I feel for the past years that I have lived. Sure, I do have friends among the Chinese and Indians and we do get along with each other. We learn to respect others, and they would also feel the same. I think that this is why Malaysia is unique among other countries in the world. The move made by Datuk Seri is necessary in order for us to further continue the strength of unity among Malaysians.

    Well, that's only a guy's opinion. How about you?

    .. [ 2nd place is won by Md Azrul Syaffiq Bin Md Suhaimi] ..

    .. [3rd place goes to Noor Diyana Bt. Mohmad Apandi] ..

    My 200th Post!!

    Phew!..x sangke lak aku..dah sampai post yg ke's been..what..3 tahun kot mase first time aku start blogging ni..tahun 2007 tak silap..1 januari lagi tu...hmmm..apepun..tgh boring2 ni actually..x tau nak buat ape..[nak tido..jap2 lagi kot..]haih..dah kul 1 lebih nih...cuti2 pun tido lambat...[dah terbiase..nak wat camne.].(^_^)..

    Yang tersisa hanya gambarmu di meja kamarku,
    diiringi dua puisi tentang lara hati.

    Engkau adalah yang terindah sepanjang hidupku,
    luka meruah, semua tlah berlalu.

    Yang tersisa rinai tawamu di sudut benakku,
    seperti kau masih di sini larut di pelukku.

    07 June 2009

    Pulau Pinang Pulau Mutiara

    Phew!!.. letihnye aku.. mane taknye..baru je weekend lepas pi bercuti kat kuala terengganu...weekend minggu ni lak pi pulau pinang... haizz...mmg cuti sakan betul..(^_^).. anyway.. aku pi ni dgn family aku lah..kami bertolak pd jumaat 5 ari blan aritu..pastu balik KL 7 ari blan (hari ni la...)..aku post nih pun baru je lebih kurang sejam sampai dari usual.. aku akan cite sikit sejarah lah...last time aku menjejaki pulau pinang nih..[..yg belah pulau..bukan seberang tanah besar..]..klu tak silap aku pd awal tahun 2007..about 2 years ago..mase tu ade program desa IT kat Balik Pulau... so..that's about it lah..

    so..this time aku pi ke sane bercuti ngan family aku..yelah..jalan2 ngan family..pasni dah start kelas...bile le nak berjalan sane-sini lagi ngan diorang... so..aku pun takde byk sgt nak cite ape yg menarik kat sane...maybe korang dah tau2 kot..penang ni popular ngan makanannye antaranye pasembur tu la...and then byk bangunan2 lame...pastu leh tgk laut..naik jambatan tu...and so on lah...

    And then..ari sabtu tu..pi ke satu tempat nih..tak jauh dari hotel kitorang menginap tu..Kebun Bunga namenye...kirenye mcm taman botani gitula..and then..kat situ lak ade mcm pesta flora/bunga jem la jalan nak ke situ...ape yg menariknye ade mcm display bunga2 mcm orkid..aku nak explain pun tak reti camne..huhu...

    so..basically that's about it lah...takde idea ape lak nak cite...letak gambaq2 tu ajela..hehe..(^_^)..

    03 June 2009

    Teh 'O' Beng Se!

    If I heard it right..itulah ape yg akak tu kate..[..I think..]..bile akak tu kate nak minum ape..aku kate teh 'o' ais...phew!..being someone yg tak biase dan tak paham dialek tempatan nih..mmg agak payah gak us re-cap..look into a bit of history...hmm..when is the last time aku menjejakkan diri di bumi Terengganu nih?? far as I can remember was in 2007...that time somewhere during the mid-year..when I went to Setiu...[KT inclusive]..and I think that same year...bulan 11 ke 12... bile ade program kat Cherating...then singgah sampai ade la setahun-setengah...

    ...dataran depan pantai batu burok...

    ..hotel di mana kami menginap..its been there since i was born..mase dolu2 family aku duk KT...mmg dah lame arr hotel nih..

    It was unexpected really..actually..aku gi ke KT tu sbb ayah ade ajak skali la kot2 aku nak ikut..tgk2...mmg dah start not kan? pi skali tu whole family la..kecuali adik aku yg sorang tuh..sbb die baru je abis dah start...anyhows..kami pi sane tu 29-31 mei aritu lah..dlm 3 hari..hotel yg kami menginap dekat Primula tuh..dekat Batu Burok...betul2 kat tepi pantai...mmg cantik..(^_^)..

    ..dataran shahbandar..[klu tak silap aku arr...]...

    So then..bile nak balik ari ahad tuh..singgah jap kat taman tamadung islam...yela..dah alang2 sampai situ..nak jugak tgk masjid kristal...sempat gakla solat kat situ..masjid tu takdela besar then dekat situ adela mcm tempat replika bangunan2 or should I say..'islamic architecture' around the world..yg famous lah kami tak masuk..sbb tak sempat...dan agak mahal gak arr...[..10 ringgit..phew~.]...


    ..pintu gerbang nak ke taman tamadung islam tuh..

    ...masjid kristal..

    ...entrance ke taman replika...

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