20 January 2010

    Takkan Ayam Penyet Lagi? (5)

    Oh yeah!.. ayam penyet oh ayam penyet.. how fun is it.. hehe.. so..kicking off the new year with a new thing to do... nah..its not new actually... so.. this is the 6th outlet lah.. (5th outlet utk restoran jename Ayam Penyet-AP nih) the venue? at sunway mentari (it i'm not mistaken lah.) .. somewhere on the side of LDP.. nearby sunway pyramid.. kirenye.. kalau dari sunway pyramid tu dah tak jauh arr... huhu.. anyways.. as usual.. we ordered a set of ayam penyet with rice lah.. and then some additional dish of soto ayam.. and then for drinks.. i ordered the lychee-flavored-ice blended... so-so-so sedap!.. (^__^)..

    p/S: where to next?..(^.^)..


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