02 August 2010

    Desa IT 2009 Sarawak [#19]: Going Home

    The time was around 4 o'clock in the afternoon.. supposedly.. everyone have to convene at this one place at the waterfront.. It's time for us heading home.. Its been a wonderful, joyful, hectic, tiring week.. Of course, all of us have learn so much throughout the 1-week program.. we had anticipated and excited so much from the start of the program.. and unfortunately.. in the end, we have to go home..

    From the waterfront.. we head on to the airport.. the airport is situated on the outskirts of Kuching.. because we are in a large group.. around 70 people or so.. (probably less).. we were divided into 2 groups.. the flight time is not far away actually.. the second group flight time is probably around 30 minutes after the first group had take-off.. so..technically.. kami akan sampai same2 lah.. cume first group tu nti kene tunggu kejaplah.. anyways.. we landed in LCCT around 10 pm.. and we head on back to the campus with MMU bus awaiting for us...

    So..that's the end of my journey in Sarawak.. ntah bile la aku akan dtg ke sane lagi erk.. who knows.. akan dtg kalau2 ade urusan kat sane.. mane tau la kan.. with that, finally, I have completed the series.. fuhh~.. klu ikutkan.. ade lagi satu.. yg aku tak abis cite.. iaitu; DT Langkawi.. tu pun tergantung.. tambah lak.. ade jugak lagi satu.. DT Terengganu.. hehe.. tgkla. klu2 rase rajin.. boleh la aku cite.. (^_^).. until then.. daaaa~


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