31 December 2010

    Catatan Terakhir 6

    Soon, another year will go away. Then, comes again a new year. Probably a year anticipated by many. Probably not. For some, the new year bring hope and joyful moments in their lives. Such moment that they can't really wait for it to happen. Likewise, for some, wish that time goes more slower and slower. Each Individual perceive such surroundings different from others. Maybe based on their preference, characteristic, taste or choice. Whether good or bad, its the choice that is in hand. To go left or right. To go up of under. Whether to move forward of backwards. Its our choice indeed. Such choices that we made, may, in future, either becomes good or bad. Or perhaps good and become more better. Or bad and become more worse. Such choices are sometimes very hard to choose from. A term 'opportunity cost' comes into play. Choose one and forgone the other. Sometimes we seldom regret things that we choose, rather than regretting things that we did not. Some days, it is raining. Some days, it is bright and sunny. Some days, feels dark, dull and gloomy. Its the circle of life, from what most people will say. Sometimes you are on top, sometimes you are at the bottom. Its very difficult to get to the top, but its more harder to maintain it. Likewise, its easy to go down, with a blink of an eye.

    For some, 2010 brings many sweet memories for them. The year to get married. The first newborn. The first time the eldest son enters school. The day where you are finally graduated with an excellent result. The first day entering the job. The year to fully get your driving license. The year when you finish your high school and attain good scores in your national exam papers. The year when you entered university. These are the memories which will cherish them throughout their whole life. But, for some, it may be the worse or bad year for them. Seems like nothing comes right for them. As individuals and human beings, we must stand up and keep our heads high all the time. We do believe that, with extra effort and proper way, we could be, someday, achieve what we want or to be better than others. It is fine to fail the first time. Such failure will bring you a valuable lesson and of course, for something to remember upon in the future.
    May the new year brings much happiness and joy to us all. And may whatever we want to accomplish, can be achieved. InsyaAllah.

    ...Goodbye 2010...


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