30 December 2010

    Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) 2010

    After a 4 year absence, being hosted last in 2006, one of the anticipating event in Malaysia (for some people lah..) telahpun melabuhkan tirainya.. for those yang memang update dengan current events of the automotive industry.. they sure wont miss it.. The motorshow was held from the 3rd to 12th december at PWTC... In my opinion.. this year's event is not as grand as before.. truth to be told.. its a bit 'dull' coz there were some carmakers that did not participate.. probably they don't have any new models to display kot... anyways.. here are some of the pictures that I manage to take...

    *sorile.. maleh nak explain satu2.. (^_^)...


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