23 July 2008

    Dynamic Team Singapore (DTS) 2008 [Part 3] - Jamiyah Headquarters

    Ingat tak kat post aku sblm ni..yg aku kate aku lupe name stesen bile sampai kat singapore tu???...bari aku igt yg namenye Stesen Tanjung Pagar..hehe..[credit to Ikhwan sbb tlg igtkan..hehe..O_o..]...

    Isnin - 2 Jun 2008.
    After we had our breakfast, then the bus finally arrived..seigt aku time tu dah pukul 9 pagi..[agaknye]..anyway..we boarded the bus, have our luggage the way, bas yg kami naik tu..bukanla mcm bas ekspress 40-seater tu..die mcm bas mini je..around +-20 org leh masuk....nevertheless, our destination is to Jamiyah Headquarters..which is located in Geylang...which is just outside of the city and not very far away and a few minutes drive from the city itself...along the way..sambil2 duduk dalam bas tu..kami 'disajikan' dengan pemandangan sekitar bandar singapore..rase jakun tu ade gak la..mane taknye...last time pi pun..mak aku kate mase kecik2 dulu...tahun 90an' time tu kecik lagi...mane la nak igt..lagipun dulu ngan sekarang jauh berbeza...

    Sebelum kami ke Jamiyah punye headquarters..kami singgah dulu ke Darul Takrim - which is 'home for the aged' yg terletak di Tampines...we made a quick stop there utk letak barang2..dan lagipun..muslimat akan tido di situ..muslimin lak akan tido di tempat lain...Kami sampai di Jamiyah punye headquarters dlm tengah hari..the reason being kenapa kami ke situ ialah petang tu dlm kul 2 akan ade short opening ceremony dgn pihak had our lunch first..and then solat zohor...

    JAMIYAH Singapore was founded in 1932 by his Eminence, Moulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui, the Roving Ambasaddor of Peace, from Meerut, India together with other religious leaders in Singapore and Malaya at that time. Jamiyah was then known as the All-Malaya Muslim Missionary Society with branches in the various states of Malaysia.

    Moulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui

    After the separation from Malaysia, the name changed to the Muslim Missionary Society Singapore (JAMIYAH) but the ties with the former branches remain cordial. In 1970,Mr Abu Bakar Maidin and his colleagues were elected to join the office. They then had $5.60 in the kitty and their membership was a mere 190. Over the years, the membership surged to 35,000 members. This reflects the community's support and confidence in JAMIYAH. Alhamdulillah, by dint of hard work and with the help from all quarters, they have been able to rebuild the HQ building from a single storey building to a 4 storey modern centre in 1985 and then to the present 7-storey building in 1997.

    President - Mr. Abu Bakar Maidin

    Jamiyah Headquarters

    Currently, Jamiyah has possessed 4 'homes' which is Darul Ma'wa - children's home, Darul Takrim - which is the home for the aged, Daru Syifaa' - the nursing home, and Darul Islah - which also known as the 'halfway' house, more or like rehabilitation center for drug addicts. 2007 mark the celebration of Jamiyah's 75 years establishment..The long years, with tremendous efforts and work to help the muslim community of Singapore in particular, and also doing charitable activities, indeed, it has become one of the most successful organization in the world.

    Darul Ma'wa
    Darul TakrimDarul Syifaa'Darul Islah

    To know more about Jamiyah Singapore, log on to:

    Kalau nak ikutkan..byk bende nak cite pasal Jamiyah ni...apepun..klu sape2 yg nak tahu lebih lanjut...masuklah websitenye..hehe..(&_*)...


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