16 January 2009


    Part of me say I should go
    part of me say I should stay
    I can't make up my mind.
    So many things to do
    so many things to think of.

    Minute after minute
    hour after hour
    day after day
    week after week
    month after month
    year after year
    For how long does it have to be this way?

    Emotionally unstable, as I say it
    for so long I have kept
    but, it wouldn't go away.
    As if I'm lost without any rope to hold on
    and time kept going and going.

    Empty and dull,
    in search of hope
    far beyond my reach.
    Left behind
    like no one seems to care,

    - END -


    *.m.a.w.a.r_p.u.t.i.h.* said...

    nobody wants to be lonely~

    ~mIsS_p00h~ said...

    Ujian Dia hanya untuk insan yang terpilih~

    Jangan mudah mengalah pada mainan perasaan! 4 everything dat happen, there must be a reason. Think p0sitive yerp!~ :)

    Kita harus jadi lebih kuat untuk 11 bulan lagi dalam 2009 yang bakal mendatang!

    rs mcm nk jadi p0mp0m girl:
    g0 g0 g0!!! hehe.. :D

    An-Nizamuddin Shah said...


    terima kasih atas nasihat mu itu...

    i really appreciate it..(^_^)..

    erk..bytheway..~mIsS_p00h~ ni sape ye??...

    ~mIsS_p00h~ said...

    haiz encik nizamuddin shah ni! :P

    ~mIsS_p00h~ adelah mantan bip awk yg dh kertu itew! :D

    Sila lah tanye yana. klau awk x kenal, memang nak kene bile akak g cj nnt! hehe..

    *.m.a.w.a.r_p.u.t.i.h.* said...

    saye knal miSs_p0oh itew~

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