29 June 2009

    Life Without Rain [Part 1]

    The sky is black. It was all quiet that night as far as I can remember. There were not much to do. "Should I or should I not?", I ask myself. Everything was fine back then. We had nothing much in common, except a few. Gosh, if only I had seen it coming. Quite frankly, I shouldn't have been involved in any of this. In life, you could have so many turns and paths and that you had already planned and had chosen which path to choose. But, along the way, some things doesn't turn out the way you had wanted. You either regret or keep on moving along, pretending and trying your best. Unfortunately, sometimes by doing so, even if you had taken those unexpected paths along the way, it may or may not be either good for you or otherwise.

    "Hai", as I smiled, literally. To greet with a simple gesture of common courtesy of one human being to another. A smile can make someone happy and with a smile can also portrays a thousand meaning. "How are you? Its getting quite late, why haven't you sleep yet?", I asked. "Erm, I'm quite used to going to bed late," she replied. "Is there anything that you want to ask?" "Oh, I'm sorry if I disturb you or anything. Do you mind if we can discuss about the work? That's if you're free right now. Or else we can discuss it later if you want".

    "It's fine by me, we can discuss it now. I haven't had anything to do right now. So, how do you want it planned for this year?". I had previously planned what I wanted to do. Only that I should have discuss with her if she would agree on the things that we will be doing together. We had our shares and thoughts as we go along. What is what and which is which. I can't really see that lies ahead of me. But I surely do hope for the best.

    Time passes by. By my watch it's already really late. "So, I guessed that we'll be discussing later, since that it's already quite late. I'll update to you later alright?. Goodnight." We ended our conversation. I turned-off my computer and went to bed. Another day, another drama. That of course, the beginning of it.


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