12 June 2009

    One Malaysia

    .. [Photo by Henry Liew Su Loong, which made him the 1st place in the photo contest.] ..

    This morning, I woke up early around 5.45 in the morning, just so to accompany ayah to send my grandma to KLIA. I was told that her flight was 9 o'clock and if i'm not mistaken, she was on her way to Brunei. Nevertheless, after that, we drove back to Kajang and ayah told me to go to the post office at Bandar Kajang. We reached there around 8, which is still early bytheway, and the post office had not opened yet. So, we went to a nearby restaurant for breakfast.

    "Minum apa?" the waiter asked. It's like a common thing if you go to any restaurants, be it melayu or mamak, the first thing the waiter would ask is what to drink and then ask what to eat. Anyhows, whilst I was sitting watching TV [I don't know what movie, but Nicole Kidman was in it..(^_^)] and ayah was reading the newspaper, along came a Malay guy - mid-20's I think, wearing a whirt-collared shirt, with some bright-greened stripes on the shoulder, some sort of a logo, which is small on the left chest if i'm not mistaken, probably wearing company's shirt where he worked - sitting nor very far from our table. "Kopi panas satu!" he said to the waiter. Well, I think that's what I heard.

    Not long after that, came a chinese man - usually we call apek lah - in his 50's I think, wearing the same shirt like that malay guy, probably his boss, came to sit with him. And then they started talking - "camne keje?, tak nampak Man pun semalam? dia cuti ke" - something like that. The usual, making light conversations. I could hear some laughter among them. After a while, the malay's guy drink came. It's black - kopi panas. I was right [hehe].

    I ate roti canai and teh tarik, which ayah had the same also. When we finish ate, just before we were about to leave, another man came to their table, the malay guy and the chinese man that I mentioned before. He too wore the same kind of shirt, probably an employee and you could guess they worked under one roof. I can see that he is a bit dark, and I guessed that he is an Indian, judging from his looks, in his 40's I guessed. Out of the blue, I said to myself, this is what Malaysia is - the unity among Malays, Chinese and Indians.

    Recently, our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib lauch the slogan so called 'One Malaysia' which calls for all Malaysian to unite together as one. Not that I have any intentions to be 'political' at some sort, but this is what I feel for the past years that I have lived. Sure, I do have friends among the Chinese and Indians and we do get along with each other. We learn to respect others, and they would also feel the same. I think that this is why Malaysia is unique among other countries in the world. The move made by Datuk Seri is necessary in order for us to further continue the strength of unity among Malaysians.

    Well, that's only a guy's opinion. How about you?

    .. [ 2nd place is won by Md Azrul Syaffiq Bin Md Suhaimi] ..

    .. [3rd place goes to Noor Diyana Bt. Mohmad Apandi] ..


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