21 June 2010

    Cerita Mainan 3

    The toys are back!.. at last.. some of you would think that there will be no more sequel after the second one.. (I did).. but, to our amazement.. after what, nearly 10 years ago.. when toy story 2 came out in 1999.. who would have thought there is a continuation to it.. and in 3D!.. (^_^)..

    The first Toy Story came out in 1995 when I think at that time there weren't any animation-based movie that came out in Hollywood.. most of it during the 90's were dominated by action-packed movies.. and of course other genres lah.. and then when Toy Story 1 came out.. it became a hit.. making it one of the first animation movie in Hollywood.. due to its success.. later, Toy Story 2 came out in 1999.. Soon after, going into the new millennium, semakin banyak cerita2 animasi tumbuh mcm cendawan.. I could say that PIXAR Studios, the creators, were the 'pilot' of the animation industry.. of course, along the way until today, there are also others which makes animation movies and some of those do became a success..

    The story start off in Andy's room.. much to the delight of the old characters like Woody, Buzz, Mr Ham, Mr. and Mrs. Potato, Slinky, the 3 aliens, Jesse and Bulls-eye.. And of course, Andy has grown up.. along the way.. some of the toys which Andy kept since he was a child has either being put up at the attic (store) or dumped or donated.. Remember the star ball??.. seperasan aku mcm dah takde.. and much of the toys are already not there... so..these were the ones only left.. nevertheless.. Andy face the dilemma about his toys on whether to bring along to college.. or kept it in the attic.. somehow.. the toys were donated to Sunnyside Daycare.. and things doesn't seems how it supposed to be.. at the daycare, they met new toys..

    I guess that this time.. the storyline is quite OK lah.. and first time I'd seen it in 3D.!.. feels like the toys came to life.. (literally).. hehe.. so.. thats about it.lah. what I want to story-mory lah.. kalau belum tgk lagi.. mcm biase.. tunggu torrent sudey.. haha..(^_^)..


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