31 December 2009

    Tak Sudah Lagi Dengan Ayam Penyet? (4)

    Oh yeah! what a way to spend your bits and pieces of the last days of 2009... ayam penyet lagi..the same name..same taste...hehe.. so.. this is the 5th outlet la yg kami singgah utk makan.. tempatnye?? ... haa..jauh nuu sampai ke wangsa maju sane.. tau wangsa walk mall?? kalau tak tau kat mane.. dekat2 dengan carrefour wangsa maju sane.. quite far la i should say.. and considering that shopping complex ni kire outlet baru bukak arr...

    So then.. nothing much to story-mory bytheway.. kind of the same thing yg aku dah cite dalam post2 sebelum ni.. it's just that we had this idea of spending the time towards the end of the is what we did la... bukanla outlet yg terakhir.. so far as i know.. ade lg 2 outlet yg lum 'diserbu' lagi.. tapi takpe.. we end our part-journey for 2009.. and continue on our quest in 2010!..

    Good Bye 2009!

    ... and a Happy New Year!...

    p/s: next stop.. Sunway... hehehe.. (^^)..


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