26 December 2009


    Ever wonder what's life is going to be in 20 years? 30 years? or maybe 50 years? Who knows. Only God knows it. Everyday, we pretend the life that we live, to do what we suppose to do. Everyday, when we wake up, we would say to ourselves, "Today, I'm going to do this. Today, I'm going to do that." We woke up, hopefully, we could accomplish something by the end of the day. Some of us would rather smile, a grin that maybe none of us would know, except ourselves. That smile, that happy smile, is something that we are really eager to look forward, during the day. Some of us lead a happy life. Good and steady job. Graduate with flying colors. Overseas education perhaps. In a few years, things look well on you. Steady income. Married a beautiful wife, happily married. Have some kids perhaps. Maybe 2, or 3. 'What life would have been', as some people would say. All in all, its what you had accomplished all those years of hardship. You work your way through to the top. You had a dream. A dream.

    Likewise, for some, life is as if it's not matter them. It's like waking up on the wrong side of the bed, and you would you have this lazy, sort of feeling, and you mutter yourselves, 'Ah, not again, why do I have to do it." It seems endless. But again, they may feel unlucky. Hardly enough for them to be grateful though, living what life they have. It all does seems endless after all. Not knowing when and how it would end. You would hope, by the stroke of luck, something's going to change. Hoping that you would cross over to a better life.

    We are humans. As humans, we make mistakes. Some mistakes either we did it purposely, or its just something that we don't realize it at the time. And then, when its over, you would think about it over and over what went wrong. You try to change it. But, it's all over. Somethings just never change. Nevertheless, you would believe in second chances do you? As you go along, it's either a 'do' or a 'don't'. You try to redeem yourselves. You tried to make it worthwhile to yourself and to others. Its like, you would believe there is a second chance to change, to redeem yourself. You have the self-belief in you. You would see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You wouldn't know what's beyond it. But, you believe that at the end of that tunnel, there is still hope. Something that would change you and yourself. You tried and you tried. It's what you believe in that kept you going. Believe.


    Nona said...

    "It's the principle of mind over matter. What you don't mind, doesn't matter."


    Hishahmuddin said...



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