18 December 2009

    Life Without Rain [Part 3]

    Yesterday was the 17th, today is the 18th, and tomorrow will be the 19th. It rained yesterday, it rains today and haven't sure whether it will be raining tomorrow. But, what is it so special about the rain? When it rains, surely, everything will get wet. To some people, it's like a 'barrier', that reprimands your daily activity. To some people, it's a blessing. Sure enough, if it has been hot for days, a few hours of rain perhaps should do it, just to cool of the day, so to speak. To some people, it symbolizes something. Just like in literature. A metaphor. Something that he or she had experienced before, and thus, makes the rain something which he remembers. Ironically, that's what many poets, or 'artists' so to speak, idolizes. No. not idolizes, but perhaps making the rain a bit.. Nah, can' really find the right words though.

    Rain, rain, rain, go away..

    Anyway, today it rains again. I was at my room. The sky above was a bit dark. It all looked gloomy and enough said, it was dark all over the room. Feel kinda in a romantic mood, perhaps. At times like this, it kind of remembers me what I used to do. Have you ever felt the 'sweetness' of having a cup of hot Nescafe or Milo, or Teh Tarik, or coffee, or whatever, with a bit of pisang goreng on the side. Phew~. Makes we wonder, if that moment would come again. But, sure though, I could re-live it. Maybe, not today.

    The year has come to a near-end. In a few days, the new year will come. It's a joy and happiness, that brings a whole new meaning. For some, the new year will be as a stepping stone for them to start anew. Probably, things which they haven't done in the previous years. Or, to forget about things and move on. Ah yes, cliches. Its the same thing, all over again. And before you know it, it slowly diminishes. And, so much so, for some, it's and end. An end of a new beginning...
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