25 December 2011

    [RE-WIND] 2011: The Year In Review

    Today is Christmas. In a few days, 2011 will leave us and mark into the history books. For us, 2011 bring us much happiness, much joy. For others, it brings beautiful and unforgettable memories. I had wanted to do such post like these in previous years. In fact, I think I did before. But, only to such extent of only one post, a short one, like a summary (I think I did it for last year). Anyways, for this year, I wanted to do something different. So what if nobody reads my blog (do I need others to READ it?) Yeah, I do. But who cares. If people don't like it. So what? (Like what Pink said: So What? I am a rock star? ... (^^) ...). So, with 5 days left and we will enter the new year, I will try to Re-Wind some of those major, big, significant events, locally and globally. Some of us may heard in TV, or read it the newspaper. Whichever way you may have heard it, let us bring back to the moment the event occurred. Ah yes, I was ..... 


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