30 December 2011

    [RE-WIND 2011][#25] Norway Attacks - Bombings [Part 1]

     Norway has been hit by twin attacks - a massive bomb blast in the capital and a shooting attack on young people at a governing Labour Party youth camp. At least seven people were killed in the bombing, which inflicted huge damage on government buildings in Oslo. A few hours later a gunman opened fire at the camp on an island outside Oslo, killing at least 10. The suspected gunman was arrested at the camp and the government have confirmed that he is Norwegian. Police have said the 32-year-old suspect was also linked with the bomb attack. Witnesses described the gunman as tall, blonde and say he was dressed as a policeman.


    Norway's peace was shattered twice Friday when a bomb ripped open buildings in the heart of its government and a man dressed as a police officer gunned down youths at a summer camp. Police linked one Norwegian to both attacks, which killed a total of at least 16 people in nation's worst violence since World War II. Police said they did not know the motive or whether the attacks were the work of one person or a terrorist group, but Justice Minister Knut Storberget said the man who opened fire at the youth camp is Norwegian.

    In Oslo, the capital and the city where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded, the bombing left a square covered in twisted metal, shattered glass, documents expelled from surrounding buildings and a dust-fogged scene that reminded one visitor from New York of Sept. 11. Ian Dutton, who was in a nearby hotel, people "just covered in rubble" were walking through "a fog of debris." "It wasn't any sort of a panic," he said, "It was really just people in disbelief and shock."


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