31 December 2011

    Au Revoir, 2011!

    With almost half an hour left, we will yet again enter a new year. The year 2011 will leave us and go into the history books. For some, it is a year not to forget, a yet with many memories. For some, its a year with much hope and change for a self-betterment for the future. And for some, its just same old story like the previous years. Nothing much. Nevertheless, whichever or whatever the reasons it maybe, let us remind ourselves of what we had done throughout the whole year. Yes, as what we did see in the news, it has been a 'catastrophic' year as countless reports on natural disasters. And the biggest yet, the Japan earthquake and Tsunami. But, let us not 'gloom' ourselves as what had happened. On a personal note, as Muslims, take it as a sign that it is for us to wake up and muhasabah diri dan tingkatkan lagi amalan, baik yang wajib mahupun yang sunat agar pahala kita semakin bertambah disamping berdoa kepada Allah supaya hidup kita sentiasa diberkati-Nya.

    For me, so far, its been a fun and 'thrilling' adventure for me. I started my industrial training in March and ended in August. That period of 6-months has been a 'wow' for me. On the bright side, yeah, I did learn something new. As an accounting student, it really widens my knowledge on the profession itself and furthermore, rase macammane orang keje rase... (**)... For me, this year, its a mixed experience for me. I didn't travel much. Some of my acquainted-friends are already married. I made new 'cliques' and meet few new people. I can say that its been a bit 'slow' for me. But, on the upside, my business, the PA System rental? So far, this year has been good, with the highest rental. Though not many, because its seasonal, but the numbers do increase a lot compared to previous year. Jolly good!. 

    The other thing is that I found a new interest of having to learn new language. Yes, English is important, so as Bahasa Malaysia, because its our mother-tongue language, but, at this fast-paced world, there is a need to at least learn or know few other foreign languages. And, what I did, is introduce myself to Korean. Actually, I started to know more about the so called 'Hallyu' or Korean Wave since late last year. It somehow 'drag me' into this and slowly, I read, watch and hear. I used to watch dramas before, but only about 2-3 series, its only because my friend insist on watching it. So, I watch it. Before this, I prefer movies rather that dramas. Honestly, I did started watching korean movies few years ago, when at that time its only a handful or korean movies and 'bulks' of Hollywood movies that I watch. But now, my interest has grown into, as I categorized it, into 4 branches namely dramas, movies, variety shows and music or KPOP as we all know it. To such extent, I already started to learn how to read, write and pronounce (bukak buku la katekan...) and its going well so far. But, I still had to have subtitles though when watching dramas, movies or variety shows. For KPOP, it is something new to me. And again, previously I do listen to it, but, as KPOP has grown into a world phenomenon, I started to 'increase' my 'music bank'. And, perhaps, my other foreign languange that I wanted to learn is Spanish.

    Anyways, enough said, by the time I finish this sentence, there's only 5 minutes left. And so, last words from me is, its been a Topsy-turvy year for me. And perhaps, at some point an emotional one. For those who are still keeping track reading  my blog, I thank you for the time taken. Though my blog has not been updated for this year, but who knows next year I will post more. 

    Happy New Year everyone!...


    MiszMaryaNe said...

    hepi new year en shah..=)

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