20 August 2009

    Life Without Rain [Part 2]


    'Haisey, got to wake up early la," I said to myself. What to do, since there is so much worg lying around, who else has to finish it? me? You could say so. Another morning, yet another day came. It's the same old story again and again. Wake up early, have a refreshing morning shower. "Let see, what do I want to wear today? Blue? Red? No, I think I don't have one. Haih, what ever lah!" As usual, like other usual mornings, turn-ed on the computer, check e-mails, read the online newspaper etc.

    I reached the office quite early that day. Since that, like I've mentioned before, the load of work that needed to be done. Ah yes, that time of the year again. It's the thing when you really want to feel how the campus life is all about. Literally. You would spend sleepless nights, well, not every night. But, surely you would feel heck-tired. And yes, the experience though, which I'll sure to treasure it.

    I've been sitting in the room, checking the paperworks that needed to be completed, all the relevant information that I needed. For the past few days, I've been faxing invitation letters to various schools and make some calls. Yeah, you could say its hard though. "Hye, how are you?" I smiled. The room where I sit in has the fax machine in which others would need to go into the room if they want to fax.
    "I'm fine." It's her birthday that day. How I wanted to say it to her, but in a memorable way. Nah, I'm just being dramatic, that's all. Anyway, As she was busy by the fax machine, and I was walking out of the room, silently, in a whisper-like voice, "Happy Birthday..."


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