01 January 2012

    Happy New Year!


    Today is the 1st day of the brand NEW YEAR 2012! Gosh, someone must be so happy with the new year coming along. For me, I do have some expectations though. What is it? Well, one thing for sure, I'm not quite sure about it. Hee~.. But again, when new year comes, come again the new year resolution. Every year is the same.. Azam tahun baru.. Azam.. Azam. Azam... Tapikan, klu nak ikutkan, nape nak tunggu tahun baru baru nak berazam?.. Nape tak tiap2 hari tetapkan azam kite tuh? Yela, leh je tukar azam tuh... rasenye.. azam tahun baru nih.. azam yang 'besar' kot.. macam nak kahwin tahun ni ke.. nak melancong tahun ni ke.. whichever it is.. it doesn't matter.. yang  penting. CONSISTENT! PERSEVERE! PATIENCE.. and doa banyak2... (^^)...

    So happy new year to all... and this year mark the 6th year of my blogging 'career' where I first started way back in 2007.. come to think of it.. terpikir lak nak bace post2 lame.. huhu..


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