31 July 2010

    Desa IT 2009 Sarawak [#16]: Kampung Budaya Sarawak [Part 2]

    For this next part…we’ll continue on our journey in the ‘village’.. the grand finale was that the organizers have a show for the tourists.. its some sort of a traditional dance.. I forgot what are the names of those dances.. I can hear when they announce it on the speakers.. but I can’t remember the name.. some of it I can’t identify what the organizers said.. anyways.. the show presents some of the tarian kaum bumiputra yg ade di Sarawak nih.. so.. same as before.. aku akan letak gamba je la…hehe.. (^_^)..

    [..bergamba kenangan di pintu masuk sblm pulang...]


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