23 July 2010

    Word of The Day: Wimpy

    Having went to sleep really-really late last night.. (marathon top-gear).. sbb esoknye cuti..pastu takde kelas lak tu kan.. so.. this morning..when I woke up..and as usual tgk Cybertracker.. I came across this one movie.. tajuknye.. "Diary of a Wimpy kid"..

    "Wimpy".. perkataan tu macam pernah dgr somewhere somehow.. tapi di mana ya?.. usual lah.. to answer the curiosity.. kite pun google the net lah.. and this one picture..a cartoon character came out.. "memang mcm pernah tgk sebelum ni.." turns out.. it is one of the character in one of the famous old cartoon series "Popeye".. remember him?.. this one gentlemen that likes to eat hamburgers all the time.. sape2 yg kecik2 dulu tgk cite Popeye ni maybe tau lah... but that's not the case that I'm trying to say actually... its about the movie that I've mentioned that I came across...

    If you search in the says:

    "Diary of a Wimpy Kid (also known as Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Greg Heffley's Journal or Diary of a Wimpy Kid: A Novel in Cartoons) is a novel written by American author Jeff Kinney. It is the first book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, being released on April 1, 2007The series has stayed on The New York Times Best Seller list for children's books for 74 weeks as of June 23, 2010."

    I didn't know much about the novel.. much less the movie itself.. and furthermore the meaning of the word itself.. come to think of it, is there such a word in the modern dictionary??.. nrahla..rasenye ade kot... its not that everyday you can hear those words much so know the meaning of it... but such words can sometimes do fascinate you doesn't it?.. anyways.. after having watched the movie.. its about a kid.. who is in middle-school.. had these problems and "unpopular", and not being the "smart and cool type of kid".. things like that.. and then he had a conflict with his best friend.. and then later on he says sorry.. bla..bla..bla.. so..basically that's what the movie is about lah.. to know more.. as usual lah.. download!.. (^_^)..


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