01 January 2012

    K-Drama 2011

    For those avid korean drama fans, you may or may not remember the issues surrounding the drama industry (hint: Spy Myungwol). For some of us, 2011 is by far one of the best year that dramas has to offer. Of course, when it comes to dramas, one thing in mind is love. Yes, you could say that cliche, in the end the hero and the heroine get together, after many hardships, and live happily ever after. In a sense that every drama has to have that 'love' factor. One thing for sure, its what makes people watch. However, for me, putting aside those reasons, I look for something else which combines certain other elements that other dramas don't have. Perhaps like comedy or action. But, its my subjective opinion though. After all, I'm still new to this (started watching 'seriously' around late 2010). Some of you might like a particular drama, but I don't, and likewise.

    Anyway, whatever it may be, I just wanted to show (like a recap) some of those dramas that you may or might not remember watching it throughout the year and these dramas are mostly aired in 2011 (there are a few which started aired in late 2010 but finishes in 2011) also including which are not yet completed and are still airing now. The list is mostly that I already finished watching it, are currently watching, watched a few episodes and not yet finished watching. (Not including previous year's dramas which I watched throughout the whole year because the list would be longer.. Hee~...)

    p/s: I get my info source mostly from HERE .. (^^).. 

    Secret Garden

    Athena: Goddess of War


    My Princess

    I Believe in Love

    I Need Romance

    A Thousand Kisses

    The Empress

    High Kick 3: Revenge of The Short Legged

    Dream High

    Paradise Ranch

    Real School


    Detectives in Trouble

    The Thorn Birds

    49 Days 

    Can You Hear My Heart

    Baby-faced Beauty

    Romance Town

    Lie To Me

    The Greatest Love

    City Hunter

    Miss Ripley

    Gwanggaeto The Great


    Spy Myung Wol

    Little Girl K

    My Princess

    Scent of A Woman

    Birdie Buddy

    Protect the Boss

    Ojakgyo Family

    Can't Lose

    The Musical

    Vampire Prosecutor


    Glory Jane

    A Thousand Day's Promise

    Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

    Me Too, Flower!


    Padam Padam

    Color of Woman

    What's Up


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