04 January 2012

    K-Variety 2011

    So now, going into my third 'branch' which we call it 'variety show'. As the name suggests 'variety', the basic concept of it are fun or plating games. Having fun in a variety of ways. Otherwise it would be called 'variety' wouldn't it? Variety shows time slot are usually short, 20 minutes, half-an-hour, or maybe a full hour, however, sometimes the series or episodes can go on for seasons or years. You do tend to laugh a lot watching it though. Likewise, there are those that makes you shed tears. Nevertheless, it doesn't matter what kind of variety show it is. Whatever. So long as what you watch ease those stress on your head, so to speak. 

    On a personal note, just like what I've mentioned in my previous two posts, variety are new to me. Although I may have come across watching it previously, but I wouldn't bother. Because I don't like it. If I don't like it, I don't watch it. So, going along with times, there are only a handful of these variety shows that I watch it. Mind you, there are probably hundreds of korean variety shows. Some are popular, but its not my taste see. So, I watch which are interesting to me. To date, there are only two which are currently on air and I often wait for its episodes which comes in once a week. Running Man and Happy Together.

     Running Man

     Happy Together Season 3

    These two I have been updating often. There are others like We Got Married, Dream Team, Gag Concert, idol-groups-based variety and so on, which sometimes I watch it. And these are the ones which I watch the whole series and are already ended (except Invincible Youth 2 which only started to air late last year)

     Family Outing


     Invincible Youth

    Invincible Youth 2

    Oh! My School


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