06 January 2012

    K-Pop 2011 [Part 1]

    And so, were going into the last 'branch' which is K-Pop. What else there to say about K-Pop. Korean music is not entirely new to me. There was a time where if I were to put it in my iPod list of 100 songs, most of them will be english and malay songs and only a handful of korean songs. But, today, if there were 100, all of it will be K-Pop... (^^)... I've only started 'following' it last year (ever since I started my internship). In these past few years, due to Hallyu or korean wave, K-Pop has been expanding its influence not only in Asia but also to Europe and also the Americas. Frankly speaking, it has been a huge 'wave' where almost every continent is following (literally speaking). So, for this first part, its the girl groups. Some have been debuted a few years ago and has been making big headlines throughout 2011. There are also many new debutant and some has potential to go far. Some may have different genre of music, but, what the heck, I just put in one big category. Nevertheless, these are the groups/duo/trio that goes into my 'list', the ones that I 'like'.. (^^) ... 

    Girl's Generation
    After School
    Wonder Girls
    A Pink
    Brown Eyed Girls
     Miss A
    Nine Muses
     Brave Girls
     Chi Chi
    BGH to
     Gavy NJ
     GP Basic
     Bebe Mignon
     Swing Girls
     April Kiss
     Eye to Eye


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