01 January 2012

    K-Movies 2011

    Ah yes. Movies. Hollywood. Bollywood. Malaywood. Japanwood. Other wood. It's the thing that some of us do like it very much (and I don't mean me though.. Haha). So, here we have, new kid on the block on my book. Actually, its not new. But, I have to say, just like my previous post on the dramas, here now are on the movies. For me, I watch movies, yes number one you could say for fun, other to relieve stress after studying. But, for me, what I try to find in a certain movie is the value, the storyline that a particular movie wants to show. I was a big fan of hollywood movies. I used to update regularly what movies are coming out, when is it coming out. But, on a different level, I included korean movies as well. Just like I mentioned why I watch korean dramas. its a bit the same here. Only difference is the length of the story. Before I was interested watching dramas, I'm more incline towards movies. But, on a small scale, because my knowledge was still little. So, here are the list of last year movies that are out or released (according to HANCINEMA.NET). And again, there are some which I haven't watched it yet and some are looking forward to watch it and of course doesn't include previous year's releases. because it would be too many.. (^^)...

    Marrying the Mafia 4: Family Ordeal
    Ghastly @ Gisaeng Spirit
    Sector 7
    Beautiful Legacy
    Be My Guest


    The Showdown
    In Love & The War

    The Apprehenders

    The Cat

    The Crucible

    The Final Blow

    Chilling Romance

    Come Rain Come Shine
    Shotgun Love

    Super Monkey Returns
    Bleak Night

    Jungle Fish 2: The Movie
    Animal Town

    Sin of A Family

    Funny Neighbors

    I Am A Dad

    Suicide Forecast


    Moby Dick

    Clash of The Families
    My Black Minidress

    Poongsan Dog
    The Front Line

    Dr. Jump

    White: The Melody of The Curse


    The Beast



    The Day He Arrives

    Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon
    Fighting Spirit
    Mr. Idol

    The Client



    A Reason to Live

    Penny Pinchers

    You Pet

    SIU - Special Investigation Unit

    Wonderful Radio


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