12 September 2009


    .today.. had nothing much to do.. woke up a bit late..
    as usual.. even at home.. first thing yg aku akan buat.. (usually lah).. menghadap laptop aku... buat ape??.. check emel lah... check facebook lah..check blog aku lah.. (routine la katekan..heh..).. I checked my exam schedule "Wah, akhir bulan ni first paper aku...nak kene start study betul2 nih..".. seems like i'm running out of time.. but, nevertheless.. still got time lorr.. (^_^).. so then, I had a thought of wanting to post something.. "Hmm...nak post pasal ape erk?.." somehow, I remembered my birthday this year.. in which I (think) I haven't post anything about it.. Nah.. nothing special bout it though.. Same-o, same-o..

    It was about 8 months back.. right at the start of the year.. This year was a bit "special" to me.. Ya la.. got a cake what.. Famili aku yg belikan.. (thanks.!).. it's been, I don't know lah, when is the last time I got a cake for my birthday.. Hurmm.. anyway, for those of my friends who remembered.. I thank them.. But then, it was quite a new experience for me.. coz I had to spent my birthday at the hospital.. quite sad don't you think?.. Nah, what to do.. Nevertheless.. the case is that I was suspected of dengue.. (denggi to pronounce it-I think that is how it spell..).. so, to be safe, I had to stay at the hospital.. to see if there is any serious symptoms.. but, alhamdulillah, later on..there was nothing serious.. phew!.. turn out to be... I got rashes (ye kot).. but there are few symptoms that are particularly same that would occur if you had dengue..'s quite minor though...

    Anyway.. I wonder how my next birthday is going to be.. (^_^)...


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