23 November 2008

    13.11.08 – Ep. 1: The Awaiting

    The stage is set. There was a blend of old and new actors. Well, not that old old. Some familiar faces I would rather say. Each of which has a different role to play. Some of which may not take actively in this part. Anyway, the time was set at 3pm. Everybody that should attend, some of which are unable to make it. But that’s ok. We understand that everybody has its own agendas, its own chores, I should say. At first, I took a detour. Someone I should meet first. To my avail, he was unavailable.

    Probably, somewhere doing something in which, of course, I don’t know about it.Slowly I push the door, walk down the stairs, which seems to be the fastest way down, rather than waiting for the lift, which unfortunately, people can use only one of it. The other, well, you can guess why. The room, which was in the first floor, is the place to meet. Slowly I walk. While walking, I looked to the right and to the left. There were rooms, which some were unoccupied, there was no one there. Some I could see people behind their desks, some were just empty.

    From far away, I could see the room through the glass 'window' on the door upon entering the room. It seems like it haven’t started, yet. Nevertheless, slowly I opened the door, and immediately sit on the chair, which was very near to the door as I entered. The others, while waiting for the main actor to come, we had a small chat among ourselves. The time is already around 3.15pm. I waited for a while. Waiting. And waiting. I left the room, as I had some things to do. Somewhere far from there. It was already 3.30pm.

    Later, I returned to the room. I could see that it had already started. I was the missing piece, I think. But, does it matter if I was there or not? Nevertheless, slowly, I opened the door, walk slowly towards the other side of the table. The table was not the usual one. It’s almost an oval-shaped table. Large. And there I was. The awaiting. Not that I was waiting for the moment to come. But, it has been such a long, long time. I kept my calm. It seems hard for me to break the ice. But I kept on resisting. Until, I couldn’t keep it any longer. The word just burst out, not realizing what others are doing. But, I kept it down though. Unethical, as they say. So far as I can remember, it was black with a mix of purple.

    For a long time, I kept avoiding it. Short and brief. Before I knew it, it was over.


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