12 November 2008

    Quantum of Solace

    Last week on the 6th of november was the premier release of the movie in malaysian cinemas nationwide. I think that many bond fans would have anticipated to see the movie. Quantum of Solace was the sequel of Casino Royale which was released in 2006 (if I'm not mistaken) and it undertook major changes in which agent 007 was played by Daniel Craig, in which the previous bond movie before him was Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day which were released in 2002.

    In my opinion, I would say that, after watching the movie, James Bond, as in which the main character in the movie, is different from previous 007's. The character symbolises James as someone who is brutal, a person with a desire to kill, someone who would do anything to get answers from his foes. To me, cite bond kali ni, memang agak lain la dari cerite bond sebelum2 ni. Kalau sebelum ni, for those yang maybe tahu, watak James Bond ni kadangkala menggambarkan seseorang yang 'kaki perempuan'. Tapi, cerite ni pulak, seolah yang James Bond ni memang 'terer' lawan la dan kurang sikit babak2 'panas' tu. Nevertheless, sape yang lum tengok tu, dan teringin nak tengok, silekan. Some people would give a bad opinion, but, it's just only an opinion. (^_^)

    The name's Bond, James Bond.


    adila02 said...

    salam shah..!!
    nak tgk la cite ni nanti..
    pastu nak tgk madagascar..
    ngeee... :D

    An-Nizamuddin Shah said...


    hah..kamu nak tgk erk??...pi la tgk..ajak kwn2 kamu skali..hehe..(^_^)..

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